I want to help you R.I.S.E. to the next level.

That’s not just a saying. Throughout my career, I have strived to: Respect my clients, model Integrity in all my interactions, Serve others before myself, and in every call, visit, showing, listing, and closing provide Excellence. You will “rise to the next level” by accruing wealth in the most proven investment method: real estate. To me, the “next level” also means that once you and I work together, I don’t forget about you. We have a relationship for life, and you can call on me when you need me long after the paperwork is finished. You are a person, not a transaction, and there’s a reason I feel this way.

Sixteen years ago, I found myself needing a career change. Having gone through some health issues, I needed a way to make a living fast. There are several ways in life to make a quick buck. But when deciding on a direction, the real estate transaction I had experienced the year before stood out in my mind. The experience I had was such a heart-wrenching process that I vowed never to treat anyone the way I had been treated during that time. Invalidated. Disregarded. Unheard. Even cheated. The choice was clear to me – go into real estate to help people through these life-changing decisions. It was going to take time and be a hard road.

My vision was simple: to learn everything I could about real estate to empower residential buyers and sellers, to put people first, to help as much as possible. Unlike some professions that pay according to the amount of time spent on a task, real estate agents do not receive compensation until a successful sale occurs. I knew that. But I also knew all the time and effort I put into others is essential, not because there may be a sale at the end of the rainbow, but because they are people and deserve time and respect. Through the years, I stuck to my vision and found that my needs have always been met by meeting the needs of others. Still today, I am always ready to lend a hand or ear or knowledge to help whoever needs me. 

I hope I get to know you and help you R.I.S.E., too. If you would like to talk with me, contact me at 720-272-0183 or tracy@tracysoldmine.com.